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Space Age Plastic Industries is the best Plastic Measuring Cup Manufacturers. These cups are essential for any home. You need a measuring cup that can accurately and quickly measure the number of liquid, ingredients, and other supplements in the kitchen.

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What are Plastic Measuring Cups?

These measuring cups can aid you in measuring any ingredient in any size. They have precise measurements and various sizes and colors. The measuring cup contains the measurement number. Just add the substance you want and measure your item accurately with the help of these numbers. The cups are great for cooks of all kinds. These handy measuring cups can be piled up and easily stored.

The plastic measuring cups allow you to quickly estimate and mix ingredients without the risk of spills. The high-end, heavy-duty measuring cups are made from sturdy stainless steel, Plastic, and glass materials. This material makes them tough and durable. The cups are nested within each other to make them easy to store and also have a handy hanging hook to use for kitchen use. When you prepare food or make dinner, you'll have to measure the ingredients to prepare your dish. Space Age Plastic offers a range of measuring cups at a low price. We are the best Plastic Measuring Cups Manufacturers.

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Plastic Measuring Cup and a Spoon

A plastic Measurement Cup and a Spoon set are perfect for domestic and commercial purposes. This set is ideal for kitchens of all kinds, and it is ideal for measuring ingredients for every recipe. Measurement cups and spoons measure liquid, supplements, or other ingredients. The spoon and cups are made from rigid Plastic that is sturdy enough to stand up to many different applications.

The set comes in several colors and is dishwasher-safe. It is made from premium quality plastic, which means it's strong and won't easily break. The measuring cup is the contents number to measure liquid or another supplement accurately. It is measured in milliliters. It is used to measure ingredients used in cooking. The latest measuring spoons are made of sturdy plastic construction and are dishwasher-safe, measuring dry and liquid ingredients accurately. Measuring cups and spoons are available in different colors to make them easier to recognize.

These tools are also used in the kitchen. They are ideal for your cooking requirements. Make sure you measure your ingredients quickly and accurately using these tools. Hence Plastic Measuring Cups and Spoons are designed ergonomically for ease of use. You can buy this equipment from Space Age Plastic Industries. We supply and export plastic cups and spoons at the lowest price. We are the best Plastic Measuring Cup and Spoon Manufacturers

Stainless steel measuring cups and spoons

Measuring Cups are made with Stainless steel, glass, and plastics. When you buy a new cup and spoons, it's important to know the material used to make these spoons and cups. The quality of every product increases if made with the best quality of materials. If you use the measuring spoons and cups, the material grade becomes important.

High-quality products can ensure that the capacity to hold various substances and items is not compromised. Space Age Plastic Industries is the best fabricator for these spoons and cups. We utilize high-grade equipment and tools to make these products. Our products are reliable and trustworthy.

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Measuring cup

The most crucial thing that kitchens must be able to achieve is measuring accurately. The measuring cup can assist in this process and make it easier. It is equipped with both metrics and numbers. It is lifted off its base to determine the amount of liquid. A measuring cup is a perfect gadget for every kitchen. It is constructed of durable and dishwasher-safe Plastic that is resistant to breakage.

These measurements remain permanently imprinted into the cup and are accurate to millimeters. The cups have a variety of sizes to weigh dry substances against liquids. The design is stylish and easy to use. Measurement cups are also made from metal and glass. They come with a convenient pouring fixture and a comfortable handle. The measuring cups are perfect for baking, cooking, and other kitchen-related uses.

Pharma Measuring Cup

Pharma measuring cups measure medicine, vitamins, and other supplements. The cups are made with durable material and feature sturdy and ergonomic designs. They are simple to clean and use. Pharma is a brand new collection of measuring cups and spoons. The first item in the series is the Pharma Measuring Cup.

This measuring cup is constructed of BPA-free, high-end Plastic. It's a strong, robust, heavy, and long-lasting product. This Pharma Measuring Cup comes in different sizes, each having distinct colors to differentiate the sizes. The Pharma Measuring Cup is ideal for dry or liquid ingredients measured in cups.

10 (ten)ml measuring cups
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PP Measuring Cup

The PP Measuring Cup is ideal for measuring liquid and other ingredients. The cup is equipped with milliliters and numbers along the bottom. The handle allows for easy pouring. PP Measuring Cup that is easy to use and durable. These measuring cups have 25 ml of capacity with a max volume of 75 ml.

It is a robust and reliable measuring cup constructed from a rigid plastic material. These cups are transparent and white to ensure that the user can see the amount of liquid inside the cup. The measurements are simple to understand, thanks to an easy-to-read capacity. This PP Measuring Cup is dishwasher safe and is an ideal accessory for any kitchen.

10 ml Measuring Cups

10 ml Measuring Cups are perfect for measuring small quantities of liquid. They are made from a tough polyethylene material, easy to use. They are ideal for cooking, baking as well as other smaller tasks. These cups are made of rigid Plastic and feature a small, elegant design that perfectly fits various uses. You can also measure ingredients like sugar, cream, milk, etc.

Measure and weigh your ingredients

The measuring cup should be filled half full of your ingredients, then mix them to make sure they are equal. The less you're using, the better it performs. If you're drinking only a couple of glasses of coffee or wine, less is better.

Use a measuring cup

It is possible to utilize a measuring cup to add, remove and take measurements of liquids after you've learned how to utilize it. A measuring cup that is calibrated can be utilized in many ways. Many people use it to measure ingredients, such as oils for lamps, or fill mason jars with oil drops. If you need to measure liquids, such as water or milk, a plastic container can suffice.

Each cup is marked with milliliter and ounce measurements. They're the ideal size to weigh dry food items. They're also dishwasher safe and make cleanup easy. It's impossible to accurately determine the number of ingredients you have if you don't have a measuring container. A cup made of Plastic is needed to measure ingredients accurately.

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Why Choose Space Age Plastic Industries?

Space Age Plastic Industries is the best Plastic Measuring Cups Manufacturers and supplier in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and India. We make these cups with durable materials(metal, stainless steel, glass, and Plastic) to withstand any condition. Space Age Plastic Industries is a top producer of plastic measuring cups. We fabricate these measuring cups suitable for many applications, including kitchen, office, or production needs.

We are the most popular suppliers of measuring cups made of Plastic. We sell out these Plastic Measuring Cups for sale at the lowest price. We offer reasonable after-sales assistance also. If our products have any defects, don't hesitate to call Space Age Plastic Industries to get more assistance. Space Age Plastic Industries has a customer support agent who will be able to answer any questions you have. These measuring cups have been designed to be among the most delicate cups. It is made of high-quality materials that are thoroughly tested to ensure high quality.

We use the most efficient method of creating this measuring cup. We offer a wide selection of measuring cups made from Plastic that you can use to weigh your food products. They are the perfect size for businesses of all sizes. They last for a long time and are simple to utilize. Furthermore, they're affordable and help you keep your business looking stylish. Measure cups are constructed out of Plastic simple and easy to use. Hence our business is the top Manufacturer of Plastic Measuring Cup.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Medical Purpose.


  • Durable
  • Bearable in High Temperature


Size 5ml [22mm]
5ml [25mm]
10ml [22mm]
10ml [25mm]
10ml [28mm]
15ml [Conical Shape]
15ml [Cylindrical Shape]
30ml [Round]

Features :

  • Capacity: 5 and 10 ml
  • Size: 28 and 25 mm neck
  • Type - Measuring Cups


  • Durable
  • Used in Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Afforadble Price
  • Made Up of Plastic
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