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Plastic droppers are a necessity-have product. It can be challenging to find high-quality Plastic Dropper Manufacturers.

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The following guide can help you.

What exactly is a plastic dropper?

A plastic dropper is a tiny rubber bulb that squeezes to release tiny doses of liquid, medicine, and other supplements. It refers to a bottle with a small hole at its bottom that allows liquid substances to flow. Dropper tips are used to give liquid medication to patients. The bulb is a long-necked, narrow device that collects liquids.

The liquid flow is controlled by a rubber bulb located at the tube's end. By bending the flexible neck, liquid can flow into small containers. Plastic droppers are easier to break than glass droppers. Some droppers can be made from plastic, while others can be made of glass.

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Plastic medicine dropper applications

Droppers are the best method to administer medication to children or kids. Droppers are an essential component of many children's and baby's medications. It allows the medicine to flow through the eyes, ears, and mouth. Droppers are used to feed children who are refusing to eat.

Mixing fluids:Droppers are also used for mixing different liquids. To mix liquids, you will only need to use the tip.

In the laboratory, a dropper is used.The Dropper is excellent for labs use. It can accurately disperse solvents, water, and other reagents. It's easy to use and affordable. The Dropper can dispense small quantities of liquid and fluids from many containers. Plastic droppers cannot hold chemicals that are dangerous or reactive.

Different types of plastic droppers

Plastic dropper bottles

Plastic dropper bottles are used to disperse or transport liquids such as medicine and supplements. These bottles are sturdy and easy to use. The tight seal protects against spills and leaks. Caps are used to keep droppers clean and dry.

It keeps small quantities of fluids, such as necessary oils, liquid, or medicines. These bottles are portable and lightweight. There are many sizes of plastic dropper bottles, including 100ml and 30-ml. Space Age Plastic Industries is a major Suppliers of plastic dropper bottles in Indonesia.


Plastic Dropper for the Eye

It is effortless work to get fluid into your eyes with the largemouth opening of this Eye Plastic Dropper. This eyedropper is vital for people with allergies and chronic dry eyes.

These droppers make it simple to give eye drops to patients. The Dropper makes it easy to apply the right amount of drops. The liquid is sealed to prevent cross-contamination. It can hold 1 ml. These plastic eyedroppers have a maximum capacity of 20ml.

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  • Affordable Prices
  • Safe to Use
  • Used for Packing Eye and Ear drop
  • Made up of LDPE Plastic
  • Used for Household Purposes
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Sizes :100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 lt sizes.
  • International Standards.