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What is a 1ml medicine dropper?

This medicine Dropper was specifically created to measure the volume of liquid dispersed. It features an end stopper to regulate the flow of liquid. These Droppers are made from premium glass with a sterilized tip. It is even available in plastic and glass materials.

The Dropper is slim, and the long spout makes it easy to get medication into the baby's mouth. The 1ml Dropper is the best way for children and babies to receive liquid medicines. These droppers are easy to carry on trips because they are simple. These droppers are also suitable for use in laboratories.

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1ml medicine dropper manufacturers in indonesia

Uses for a 1ml medicine dropper

You can use the 1ml medicine dropper to deliver small amounts of liquid medications. It is used to administer liquid medication to the elderly and children. It is also a perfect way to dispense liquid medications, vitamins, and other accessories. Cups and spoons can make the dosage difficult. The Dropper contains a tapered tip, and curved tips allow for precise dosage.

These Droppers can hold 1 mL of liquid. You can employ the Dropper as a measuring tool. The Dropper also includes a milliliter scale. It can measure liquid and other supplements up to 1ml. Space Age Plastic Industries can produce high-quality products. Space Age Plastic Industries is the largest Manufacturer of 1ml medicine droppers in Indonesia.

A 1ml medicine dropper has many benefits.

Many people use droppers to measure the doses of liquid medicines. Droppers can be made from plastic, glass, and steel. Plastic droppers are easy to clean and affordable. 1ml Medicine dropper is easy to wash.

This product is vital, specifically for parents with kids. To prevent spillage, the Dropper features a rubber bulb. This tool is perfect for measuring small quantities of liquid medication.

1ml Plastic Dropper

Plastic droppers of 1ml are best if you need a precise dosage. The Dropper can hold enough liquid to allow babies to use it. The droppers are easy to use with their long tube, making it quick and easy to place your medicine. These plastic droppers are used for many purposes.

These droppers can be reused many times and are very durable. There are many colors available for droppers. Plastic droppers are durable, safe, and long-lasting. Space Age Plastics is a well-known dropper manufacturer. We are a well-known 1ml plastic dropper Manufacturer.

Why Choose Space Age Plastic?

Space Age Plastic Industries is India's most reliable 1ml medicine dropper manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. These high-quality droppers are safe for babies. Space Age Plastic Industries offer these droppers at an affordable price. Our Droppers are strong, durable, and stable. Children can use these droppers because they are made of non-toxic materials. You can customize our droppers to suit your needs.

Highly-skilled professionals made these droppers. According to our crew, these droppers are safe for kids and do not cause harm. Our products include droppers and measuring cups made with high-quality machines. Our company's products and goods are exported to countries like Nigeria, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia. Hence Space Age Plastic Industries is the top Manufacturer of 1ml Medicine Droppers.


  • Affordable Prices
  • Safe to Use
  • Used for feeding new born babies
  • Available in India, Indonesia and world wide.