Spaceage Plastic Industries has been the most prominent exporter and manufacturer of plastic parts since 1987. Spaceage Plastic Industries has been able to deliver high-quality products to consumers. The enterprise was established in 2015 with 12000 Sq.ft. With an Increase in Sales, we started our new manufacturing facility at Atgaon Shahapur.

We make no settlements when it arrives at grade and quality. As a result, the raw materials we utilize in our Production are sourced from the most reputable vendors. We primarily export to African nations such as Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, and Western Asian countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Dubai.

We've built a vast and refined infrastructure in just a few years. Devoted experts manage our company house in their fields. We offer both international and domestic high-quality products. In addition, we provide high-quality international and domestic products.

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Under the leadership of Director "Mr. N. M. Verma." Our customers appreciate us for our open and transparent business practices, such as delivering goods within the time frame, quality testing of products, customer support, and another strategy.

We have earned ourselves a great deal of respect from the market. The guy has proven to be an efficient administrator and highly successful entrepreneur with dedication and hard work. Along with colleagues, they're keen to expand the company's reach.


Quality Assurance.

We are a reputable company, and we follow the highest standards of management procedures. The quality inspectors we employ are constantly watching over the production process. The superior product is a perfect plastic product. Our dedicated auditors and scientists of quality continue to work.

To improve the quality of our products, our inspectors adhere to rigorous testing protocols to guarantee the quality of the plastics we purchase and the products that are produced. We test our products using our quality indicator list before making them available for sale.


We Provide following services for our esteemed clients.

Quality Assurance

As a global company, we care a lot about the quality of our products. We make sure that our products meet all international standards. We are a supplier for the European market with a CE certificate.

CLient Satsfaction

We believe that the customer is always right. Our clients stay with us because we care about them.

Custom made solution

We make sure that the things we sell meet the needs of our customers. Since we are a manufacturer, we have the edge over the trader market.

Product Consultation

It's our job to help our customers choose the right product for their needs. Our client has always benefited from our knowledge of the field and our many years of experience in it..

Why choose us?

The designers and manufacturers of the Space Age are highly skilled. Our proficient design engineers handle intricate designs and core works. With adaptable equipment and production techniques, plastic parts is produced in large quantities at a low cost.

Superior quality products

Our products are of exceptionally high quality and performance.

Advanced manufacturing unit

There are a lot of factories in Maharashtra.

Hardworking and competent team

Our team is technically sound and has worked in this field for a long time.

International Certifications

We have quality certifications from all over the world, including CE, WHO, ISO, and others.

Hassle free delivery

After you place an order, we send the product right away, but within time.

Global Acceptance

From the eastern part of Africa to Europe, our products are popular.

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